#Whole30 #Writing Log: Day 8

Free Fiction Has Come from the Wilds (3)

My apologies in advance.

This one’s short. Curt, really.

Today was supposed to be a lovely day for Blondie.20190208_114112


Parent Visitation Day. For the first time ever, I could attend the whole day and watch her awesome smartness in action. She kicked butt on her spelling test. She went crazy during a math game (seriously, everyone went NUTS over these weird cards), and brainstormed up some amazing ideas for her gray wolf habitat display for the Science Fair. We were just getting ready for lunch when–you guessed it–the phone rang.

Biff and Bash’s principal.

They needed to be sent home for fighting. Fists to the face and everything.

I did my damndest to hide my tears when I told Blondie. Her reaction: not all that surprised.

For once, for FUCKING once, can’t Blondie matter more than the boys’ behavior?

But Bo works in another chunk of the state. have to get them.

Bash’s black eye is…well it’s hopefully something to give him pause.

Biff says Bash started it by budging in line. When I asked why Biff didn’t just tell the teacher, he shrugged. Would he have punched out another kid for such an offense, or because it was Bash, then it was all-out war?

The school’s scheduled an evaluation for a behaviorist.

God, I need a drink.

Oh wait. I can’t.

No booze during Whole30.


I know you’re a good guy, Biff. You and your brother both are. Please, PLEASE, you have to show you are a good guy to others. You cannot lash out so violently over so little. Please, dear ones, please.


Okay. I can’t be dour forever. There has to be a change sometime.

And a few hours with Blondie is better than none at all.

A YA book blogger also reviewed Fallen Princeborn: Stolen and loved it.

Free Fiction Has Come from the Wilds (2)

Bunnerbooky’s review made me smile like a hug from Blondie. You can check her out here.

Read on, share on, and write on, my friends.


26 thoughts on “#Whole30 #Writing Log: Day 8

    • In 3K they did, but then in 4K they were in separate rooms. In Kindergarten they’re usually kept separate, too, but today one teacher was sick so they scrambled with having various staff teach. At one point all the K’s were put together in one room, aaaaaaaaaaaand the brothers wanted the same chair, and things went from there.

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  1. ‘An evaluation for a behaviorist’? What is this world of education becoming? Ms Lee, your lads sound like jolly good chaps to my mind. I will lay odds that as they grow they will look after their own and be the closest of mates…then again The Kray brothers were much the same. Perhaps I should retract my earlier observation. That said, all in all a fine real life story!

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    • Thank you! She holds her own, being the only girl in her class at school. I think her brothers helped prepare her for that. 🙂 She’s such an amazing child that I just pray I can keep supporting her to grow and never give up. xxxxc

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      • You don’t even have to try; just be. She’ll follow along. I got so wrapped around the axle with trying to “teach” my kids and setting a good example when really, We were the example. I seen that now that they’re in college and it’s a relief because you can only pass on so much information and then they need to figure out the rest. When they default to WWMD it WWDD (what would mom or dad do) then you’re work – at least the initial work of raising them – is done. But good luck 🍀 with all of it cause when you’re in the thick of it, everyday is a roller coaster ride and you struggle for every bit of personal time. 🙄😂

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  2. Blondie knows them well 🙂 She was happy to have you all the morning, but she also understands why you had to leave. Ah, they will grow up and you will miss every trouble these sweet little boys are making now 🙂 xxxx

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