Guest #BlogPost! Blondie, World-Famous #kidlit #author of #fantasy, shares her latest #book. I am one #proudmom. #creativekids #imagination #writing #NaNoWriMo

Hello! I am Blondie, as you might know already. Right now I’m writing a book called An Expert’s Book On Dragons. It has all the information you need when you go out dragon watching! It includes facts and drawings of dragons you need to look for! Included on this blog post is pictures of the cover, introduction, and first dragon in the book!

This is the words of the introduction and first dragon:


So, people who are reading this book, I, the author, will pose as Firewing, a fire type dragon that ”wrote” this book. Inside this , there will be facts about the dragons,their habitats, and their tracks!


Firewing (and yes, I am a dragon that can write)


A shark dragon can spread up to a mile in length, and up to half a mile in width; one of the largest dragons. It can swim in water swiftly. It has webbed feet and 2 fins to help it swim. It lives near the U.S.A., China, and Japan. It has tracks like a duck, but WAY larger.


Did you know that shark dragons are omnivores?


-Shark dragons are often mistaken for giant sharks near California, Oregon, Washington, Maine, Florida, and other seaside states.

-Shark dragons only eat once a month.

-Shark dragons never eat humans. they normally eat fish and plants and other stuff.

-Shark dragons can talk.

-If you save a shark dragon’s life, it will devote it to you and you can tame it.

I have made one other new book and I will update you on that soon! I hope you like this blog post!



My daughter was so excited to share this post with you! This ol’ mom’s heart is all squishy with love’n’pride. 🙂 Now, let’s see if I can jump back into my own story and nudge protagonist Chloe to reveal truly matters to her. I hope you’ll join me!

Click here for a complete list of chapters for What Happened When Grandmother Failed to Die.

Read on, share on, and write on, my friends!

40 thoughts on “Guest #BlogPost! Blondie, World-Famous #kidlit #author of #fantasy, shares her latest #book. I am one #proudmom. #creativekids #imagination #writing #NaNoWriMo

  1. Hello Blondie. I am a very old dragon who these days only emits smoke rather than flames. I’ve only got three legs since the evil knight attacked me all those years ago. Fortunately I spend most of my time in the sea so just having three legs is not a major problem apart from the fact I tend to swim in circles. All the very best with your writing. Regards, The Ancient Sea Dragon

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    • Thanks, Ancient Sea Dragon! I am Firewing. I mostly sit around writing books and doodling. I eat french fries and cheeseburgers while I write. I sometimes go on the computer (like now) and work on my online book or play computer games. I live in a volcano that will not erupt again, and I sometimes live in the forest around it. My volcano is filled with high tech gear and a big screen T.V. and a giant bookshelf with all my favorite books. And a giant movie closet with all my favorite movies and a giant kitchen. And a giant bedroom with a giant bed. In the living room I have a ginormous couch by the T.V. I have rooms the size of skyscrapers laid down filled with pet parrots,cheetahs, wolfs, foxes, and much more. Wanna hang out? Saturday works for me.
      Blondie (my secret identity):)

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      • You are a very lucky dragon, Firewing. All I get to do is swim in circles. At least these days I can eat a cheeseburger without burning it into instant charcoal. Also, now that I huff smoke rather than burn things to a frazzle I am able, at last, to enjoy the occasional slice of toast. I don’t have a TV yet find there’s an awful lot going on underwater. That’s where my best friend Janice the Haddock lives. She is most kind and makes probably the best seaweed soup ever. Sadly her attempt to make me a coral leg failed. It need gluing to the stump where my original leg once was. Glue and saltwater don’t mix that well. Still, swimming in circles isn’t that bad and boy I can make a whirlpool second to none. I did try to read a book once but accidentally set it on fire before I’d opened the first page. Now that I can only huff out smoke I can’t even see the pages of books let along read them.
        Sadly I can’t hang out on Saturday as King Arthur has invited me over to Camelot. I understand he wishes to discuss ‘circles’…my area of expertise…as he has a new type of dining table in mind and needs my advice.
        Keep on writing, Firewing.

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      • I may have not have been there today because I was invited to a party in Paris, France. I’ll go there to celebrate. Maybe I’ll save a piece of cake for you. King Arthur is wondering about circles again? He talked to me yesterday while I was in Camelot. I came there to help him with his plans for the table. He ordered me to create the table in my workshop part of my house. I still have to ask him if it is going to be steel or wood. Probably steel. I have been writing a lot lately. Best writing wishes to you!


      • Dear Ancient Sea Dragon — I’m wondering if you can’t use some of that newfangled plastic in the ocean — you know it’s part plastic, part sea glass, part rock, a very sturdy substance thanks to wind, water, and all those leftover plastic bottles and bags — and have the local surgeon or maybe even blacksmith fashion it into some kind of leg for you. Good luck.

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  2. Wow, Blondie, your dragon sounds awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us (and for helping Mom out while she writes her NaNoWriMo stories). I am curious, though. You said in your comment to The Ancient Sea Dragon that you had a TV and all kinds of electronics in your volcano bedroom. Does your bedroom still have lava in it and if so, how do you keep the electronics from shorting out? Also, where do you go grocery shopping, or do the cheeseburgers and french fries get delivered maybe by an Uber driver or Amazon Prime? Inquiring minds want to know. Keep up the excellent work! xo

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    • My volcano still has lava in it, but only in a pool. I am immune to the burn of lava, so I love to swim in it. My electronics are all ran on solar power. I made them immune to anything that could harm them. The lava floods occasionally, so I have lava protection. I normally order cheeseburgers and french fries on Amazon Prime. I don’t have to pay, though, because the employees are terrified of me. I never understood why. Well, I’m having a pizza party in my volcano Tuesday. Pizza for everyone!
      Firewing ( thank you for being so curious!) 🙂

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      • I love pizza!! I’ll be there on Tuesday for the party! I’ll bring some apple cider. Too bad about the amazon employees. They don’t know what they’re missing. Also, nice to know dragons are so sustainable. 👏


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