#Celebrate #WyrdandWonder with Blondie’s #Dragons! #fantasy #illustrations and #storytelling

Good morning, everyone! My deepest thanks to all who shared my novella during is free days in the online book-lovin’ world. In this craziness of all this virtual workshopping and teaching and grading and blah blah blah, I thought it was high time Blondie step in and update everyone on her all-important dragon studies–we couldn’t have timed it better with Wyrd and Wonder. Take it away, Blondie!

Hello! It has been a while since I have written on here. You are probably wondering what these pictures are of. Well, the one below is of 2 dragons attacking as of down underground are plotting their next move. Now you are probably are thinking, ” How did the dragons make so advanced technology? ” Dragons have learned to make these marvelous machines by watch us make them. (I can show you a photo of this happening if you want on another post) This way dragons can track even the tiniest bit of treasure anywhere to stockpile in their caves and hideouts. Now, onto the next one!

This photo is of a normal dragon underground cavern. This particular pod of dragons chose it to be a safety cave for sleeping in. Now normally you wouldn’t see a dragon with a reading lamp. But, as I was saying before, dragons have grown quite advanced and are making more and more human machines. (human machines are normal everyday appliances like a toaster) And so, there you have it, a official view of a dragon cavern.

Now this picture is of the dragon breeding grounds. Now the dragon family on the right hand corner does not look happy. Why? Probably because that other dragon is hovering above their eggs. Well, since nobody ever dares take a dragon egg or eat it because both have unfortunate side affects, why is it angry? I think it is because the snake dragon was just trying to get a good look but the parents thought he was too close. And one more thing. You might want to say happy birthday to the family in the left hand corner, because one of the dragons just hatched!

Thanks to all who are reading this post and enjoying it. I do hope you all know more on current updates on dragons. Thank you.



P.S. Hello, Lonely Old Sea Dragon!

Yours Truly,


Isn’t she a wonder? My heart beams when she creates like this. x Master Steeden, I hope you can hunt down that Old Sea Dragon so he can say hello! I’ll have her come back later this week, just in time for when my YA Fantasy novel will be on SALE for just 99 cents! Tomorrow I want to share a powerful excerpt from Diana Wynne Jones’ observation of children and how they can inspire your fantasy writing.

Read on, share on, and write on, my friends!

29 thoughts on “#Celebrate #WyrdandWonder with Blondie’s #Dragons! #fantasy #illustrations and #storytelling

  1. Once, in the days when only wizards spoke in foreign languages and pigeons were still able to dance come midsummer’s day, there lived in the field behind the rickety barn a lonely old sea dragon. Sadly…for him…the sea was several thousand miles away. Indeed, some said the moon was closer to the barn than was the sea. Had it not been for the ‘once in a lifetime’ storm the dragon would not have been whisked inland and likely would still have called the dark ocean his home. Reports that he was sad came from near and far.
    Then one day a small child, a young girl I understand, her name, Blondie found herself, and in doing so the sea dragon also, at the entrance to the barn. Upon spotting the dragon, and he, her, she couldn’t fail but to ask, “Why so sad, Mr Dragon?”
    His riposte, “I so miss the sea, the mermaids and the dolphins, but not the sharks.”
    After a little thought, Blondie…a trainee enchanter, much praised by her senior lecturer, none other than Merlin himself…made a wish, clicked her fingers and low and behold the old dragon was sad no more. You see, Blondie had magicked him back to the wide blue ocean. The last she heard was that the old chap was happy as a seagull in a mackerel attack. THE END


    • Long since I always thought ‘spam’ to be a fatty, pink conglomeration of pig parts that the soldiers in the trenches of WW1 ate. Not so, comments…and more than just a few…sent in my direction are now habitually ending up in a place called ‘Spam’…definitely not a place close to the sea. Most irksome, more so that it was, in this instance a reply to me from your very own blog. Never mind, I can report that the dragon, the subject of the tale, never ever returned to his barn. As a sea dragon he simply went back home and lived many a long year as happy as seagull covertly waiting outside a branch of McDonalds for his moment to come.

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      • Well, pish! But this does seem to happen with WordPress now and again. Some of Shey’s comments tumbled into the Spam folder, too. Very bizarre. I’ll tell Blondie you’ve responded—it’ll make her day 🙂

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      • I heard that a group of dragons living next to a factory observed how people make cars and they came up with the idea for flying cars! They are going to test the prototype this afternoon. But it is not going to be a self-driving car because those things malfunction pretty quickly if you ask me. Did you see the space launch on Sunday? They even named the rocket Dragon. Cool, huh? Say, speaking of McDonalds, Lonely Old Sea Dragon, you should come to my cave. There is a McDonalds next door. We could watch movies! And I have never had spam before. Have you? I’ve had bacon, though. And pork. -Firewing:)

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      • I have seen that Monty Python sketch before, but I still love it! My dad loves Monty Python and has a lot of their DVDs. At my lair, my family and I have a lot of Monty Python that we watch. What do you watch on TV? The ocelots in my lair love watching nature documentaries. Do you have a pet(s)? If you don’t, I have a dolphin at my lair who would really like to meet you. He is very playful. -Blondie:)


  2. Sweetgirl the dragon was rather annoyed that the humans weren’t recoiling in horror when she appeared in their garden. She often visited old Mr Grump because he put down weed killer on the nettles.
    Her job was to look after the snails and butterflies but not the bees, her boss did those.
    One day she was so fed up with Mr Grump that she pulled up her spiderweb socks, spat on her hands and rubbed them against her wings to make them go faster. She also gave her most ferocious grimace.
    “I’m going to fly in the face of this man” she thought “and annoy him so much every time he tries to kill one of my friends”.
    Mr Grump thought she was a gnat (she was tiny after all) and kept swatting her with his hand!
    She did this for a few weeks to no avail so got in touch with Blondie.
    Blondie said she could join her gang and help look after all living creatures.
    Sweetgirl the dragon was so happy when Blondie drew a picture of her which was put in The Dragon Gallery Of All Things Flying. You should visit, it’s BRILLIANT!!

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    • Oh, I must tell Blondie! She’s off practicing piano, much to her chagrin, but she shall be in touch quite soon, O Friendly Dragon! 😉 xxxxxx

      (And of course my love and greetings to you and yours! The chaos of spring refuses to leave…)

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    • Thank you for the story! I really appreciate it. The Dragon Gallery Of All Things Flying is filled with great pictures of great flyers. It is located in Marshall, WI, USA. It is a major tourist attraction and famous people all over the world come to see it. Will Mr. Grump be at it again? I wonder what he is going to do…. -Blondie:)

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