My #Podcast for #Readers and #Writers is up! Episode 1: #Raybearer by #JordanIfueko

Happy Wednesday, one and all! I’ve officially got the first episode of my podcast done and done. To help celebrate Wyrd and Wonder–and because it’s just been recommended so gosh darn much–I chose to start with Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko. What does a reader experience in those opening pages, and what lessons can a writer take away in studying but a few paragraphs? Let’s find out together.

I hope you enjoy this sip from the story with me. Any feedback on the podcast itself will also be greatly appreciated, as I hope to make this a weekly thing. x

If the link above does not work, try this one! Story Cuppings β€’ A podcast on Anchor

Read on, share on, and write on, my friends!

40 thoughts on “My #Podcast for #Readers and #Writers is up! Episode 1: #Raybearer by #JordanIfueko

  1. Hell’s bells, Ms Lee! It’s probably ‘me’ yet thus far I can’t get the pod cast to work. My screen shows a number ‘4 to the left; a 4 to the right and a little egg man in the middle, all on a purple backdrop’ and nought else. Help required. Regards, The Old Fool

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