Let’s Savor Some #Wartime #Fiction with #Arthouse Flair on this #Podcast: The Snow White Tigress by @michaelsteeden

Welcome back, my fellow creatives! We’re back with more beautiful brews from fellow indie authors of the writing community.

Another marvelous writer who shares characters woven with threads of another time is Michael Steeden. After sharing Anne Clare‘s Where Shall I Flee?, I was still in the mood for another brew of wartime fiction, and one of Mike’s books takes place before and during WWII. Sounds like The Snow White Tigress is the perfect cup to try next!

What does a reader experience in those opening pages, and what lessons can a writer take away in studying but a few paragraphs? Let’s find out!

If you do not see the audio player above, you can access the podcast here.

I had a wonderful time interviewing Michael Steeden a while back for Poetry Month–click here to check that out! Michael’s flash fiction and poetry are immersive, passionate, hilarious, and more. Please be sure to visit his blog for a journey through prose and poetry you’ll not experience anywhere else.

The indie goodness is falling around us like the autumn leaves. Stay tuned! 

Read on, share on, and write on, my friends!

12 thoughts on “Let’s Savor Some #Wartime #Fiction with #Arthouse Flair on this #Podcast: The Snow White Tigress by @michaelsteeden

  1. How kind. I loved your narration. You’ve read both my characters and me well. Sometimes I cross the line of reasonable sensibility only to use that very thing in order to make my point. My Snow White Tigress, albeit selfish in so many ways, has but one purpose, that being the destruction of evil. As ever when writing a book…any book…my rule of thumb is that my gals must win, and win she did. What can I say, young Ms Lee other than a massive thanks you. Regards, The Old Fool

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    • We’re doing okay, Friend! Recoving from COVID–the whole house is dealing with it. I had it the worst, but it was chills and exhaustion. The kids are doing fine, and Bo’s just gettingstarted. HEre’s hoping his symptoms are as mild as the rest of us!


  2. Thank you Jean Lee. I.m happy you all have recovered or seem to be recovering. My family too was hard hit, but we here are getting back to a more or less semi-normal with a fear of course that persists.. Stay well. Cold today here in Chicago–winter’s warning that it is soon on its way

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