‘Fallen Princeborn: Chosen’ by Jean Lee

Good morning, my fellow creatives! I am so sorry I’ve not been able to visit our community the past couple of weeks. Between the boys’ school closing after just a few days of in-person instruction and the hunt for plagiarizers lurking among my students, life’s been pretty bonkers. I’m determined to get my music post up this week, though, so stay tuned! In the meantime, I wanted to share Colin’s review of my new book. My deepest thanks to you, Colin, and to all of you for your friendship! I can’t wait to re-connect with you in this time of Thanksgiving and hope. Read on, share on, and write on, my friends!

Colin Garrow Books


Continuing her quest, Charlotte strives to end the conflict between opposing sides of the magical Velidevour, before the land of River Vine and its inhabitants are consumed by Orna, Lady of the Pits. Unfortunately, Orna is not the only one who wants hold of the Princeborn Liam’s heart. Can Charlotte keep Liam safe while battling the evil forces that threaten him?

‘Fallen Princeborn: Chosen’ continues on from the first book, ‘Fallen Princeborn: Stolen’, being a series of YA dark-fantasy novels. Though I’m not keen on long retellings of what happened in previous books, I did find it a little confusing trying to recall who everyone was, so a little bit of back story here and there would’ve helped enormously. As I’ve said before, I’m not a big fan of the genre, but Ms Lee has a particular way with language that makes it a delight to read. Her prose…

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41 thoughts on “‘Fallen Princeborn: Chosen’ by Jean Lee

    • Oh, I will, Chris. It bums me out when I can’t get on here, but as I was telling Bo, I will NOT let my writing life be a source of stress. So when the grading came raining down (with its pummeling plagiarizers in the mix, which I have to prove case by case) I knew I’d have to wait with my music post. Now that I am FINALLY cleaning up the grading, I know I can enjoy some music and writing this week without the stress.
      With the kids still around, yes, but without the stress, lol.
      You stay well, Dear Friend, and take care of yourself, too! xxxxxx

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    • Thank you! Oh yes, a good review always brightens the soul! I’m getting over the hump, although one plagiarizer just emailed me wondering why he was getting all these 0s for his work. Apparently he’s not reading his grade book comments…sigh…

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    • Many thanks! We’re in a rural area, so apart from the education situation, we see little change here. Anyone I know who’s had it have been very minor cases. While I’m all for in-person education for kids, I am shocked that university classes weren’t all shifted to digital save for things like labs and other essential in-person work. Something tells me that would have made a big difference in our urban centers.

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      • Hi Jean, Please don’t worry. My computer died the other day and I am busy trying to put everything back in place on a new one. So believe me I’m busy and I know you are busy (After 2 hours just managed to get back on wordpress- PHEW!)

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      • Oh ick! That happened to me a couple of years back. After working with various loaner laptops for a year, I finally managed to save up for my own…only for one of the screen screws to break. So long as I don’t close it, I can put off sending it in for at least a little while…oy….

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      • I got a refurbished old office machine for about $70- no power cable which I have plus already got the screen. It is great. So far. My old one was an old office refurbished Dell machine again for about $70 (ebay) and that lasted 7 years- so at$10 a year I can’t complain. I am pretty much a luddite when it comes to computers. It is a work tool so not bothered about bells and whistles. Which is just as well. I really would have been in tears if it was a couple of thousand dollars worth of Apple Macbook that had shuffled of this mortal coil. I would simply never of had the cash to replace that- like ever!

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      • I know, right? I do my best making the tech last as long as possible. I learned the hard way not to buy cheap on sale at Best Buy, as a machine like that can’t hold for beans and will die the day after its warranty expires.

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