NaNoWriMo Writer’s Music: Week 3

John Powell again? You bet.

In celebration of reaching the halfway point of my story, I think it’s time for a chase. Any story, especially one with murder, kidnapping, and other intrigues, has got to have a chase. Plus, this chase from BOURNE SUPREMACY has some excellent percussion/string sequences for fighting. Now, set a fire under those characters and set them a’runnin’.

PS: BOURNE SUPREMACY is one of THE great scores from the last few decades because the tracks create a complete and compelling narrative arc. I usually don’t press that you must own such’n’such CD, but seriously: buy this CD.

Click here for more on BOURNE SUPREMACY.

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8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Writer’s Music: Week 3

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    • They’re fine action movies–nothing super memorable, but fine. John Powell’s score takes eeeeeverything up a notch. I’m one for salvaging individual music tracks whenever possible, but this score is worth buying. So awesome.

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      • Being British I’m obviously going to say it felt like a Bond clone. They were enjoyable. So true about individual tracks. I normally do that. One of the few soundtracks I ever played time and time again was the one for the TV series Due South. It just got into my psyche.

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