#BookReview : Fallen Princeborn: Chosen by Jean Lee #FallenPrinceborn #darkfantasy @jeanleesworld / / punchy prose, rich world and non-stop action

My deepest thanks to Yesha for such a lovely review of my novel FALLEN PRINCEBORN: CHOSEN! Yesha reads a wonderful variety of authors and stories for her blog “Books, Teacups, and Reviews,” so I hope you all can stop by her site and say hello. Read on, share on, and write on, my friends! Cheers -JL

Books Teacup and Reviews

Fallen Princeborn: Chosen by Jean Lee

Publication Date : October 27th 2020

Publisher : Rock Jars Press

Genre : Fantasy

Pages : 374


Charlotte just wanted to start a new life with her sister Anna out of the reaches of their abusive uncle. When their journey led to Anna’s disappearance from human memory, Charlotte hunted for her sister and the mysterious creatures that took her behind an ancient Wall that hid a land of magic the world had long forgotten. Charlotte woke the Princeborn Liam Artair, and with his return the conflict between factions of the magical Velidevour turned cursed and deadly.

Now Charlotte must end this conflict before the land of River Vine and the inhabitants she’s befriended are consumed by Orna, Lady of the Pits, who is still very…

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27 thoughts on “#BookReview : Fallen Princeborn: Chosen by Jean Lee #FallenPrinceborn #darkfantasy @jeanleesworld / / punchy prose, rich world and non-stop action

  1. It’s a great review with good advice to read both books close together. I read your first book when we were travelling for many months in remote West Africa. I thoroughly enjoyed it but, due to poor internet connections, I never got around to reviewing it. I downloaded the second book at that time, but I still need to focus and read it (Covid plays with our plans). Guess I’ll have to read book one again—that will be a pleasure—and then move on to two. But it might not happen until our Australian winter. I’m glad I confessed.

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  2. Great and well deserved review! I am in the middle of reading – it takes me some time these days. Was delighted to meet all the beloved (and not really) characters again. Didn’t miss a beat – it was like I finished the first book only yesterday:)
    Happy New Year to you all! X

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    • Thanks so much, Friend. 🙂 I’m finally climbing out of the grading pile and hoping to catch up with you and others soon. The kids are finally getting some time in school, and it makes SUCH a difference to their attitudes and energies. I hope school’s going okay for Hawklad, all things concerned. Praying lots for you both! xxxxxxx

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