Four Days Left in my #Countdown to the #ARC #Giveaway of Fallen #Princeborn: Stolen!



Copy of Copy of We have all of us had our bloody days, Charlotte. For many it is easier to remain in them than to change. To change requires to face a past stained by screams. (1)

The countdown to my ARC giveaway grows ever closer to 0…though today is Day 0 for me, as another 8 hours’ worth of rain is on the approach.

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I won’t to go on and on about my flooded basement, I swear.

Not sure you want to dig into my dark fantasy? I’ve got some wee sample sizes in my short fiction collection Tales of the River Vine.

It’s available on Amazon, Nook, and other platforms.


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13 thoughts on “Four Days Left in my #Countdown to the #ARC #Giveaway of Fallen #Princeborn: Stolen!

  1. Ohhh, basements don’t sound good in combination with heavy rain. Hope it’s not too tricky to sort out. We had one here in 2007 and it caused all sorts of chaos, as we’re in a river valley. Hope yours drains away fast. At least the ‘giveaway’ provides a kind of counterbalance to mops and buckets, doesn’t it?

    I’ve read all three short stories, and enjoyed them, hugely. Unfortunately, I don’t spend enough on Amazon to be allowed to post reviews anymore (mean, or what?). However, we think Ray does, so I’m going to put a review on in his name. Good luck with the deluge.

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    • Oh, thank you thank you thank you!That’d be awesome. I’ve found I can’t even post reviews often on Amazon because my friending authors on goodreads somehow nixes the ability to review on amazon??? I don’t get it. 😦

      And yes, our basement’s finally dry. It took four days, but we managed. And our precautions in water drainage outside seems to have helped keep the water out of the basement during last night’s storms. We have a lot of cleaning up to do yet, but we’re getting there. 🙂

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      • I’ll have a look at Amazon this evening, with fingers crossed. As neither of us belong to goodreads I hope there shouldn’t be any other problem.

        Glad you’re drying out. Hope it’s not been too smelly. Friends who’ve had water in the house say it’s the debris that floats in that is the worst part – presumably that’s what you’re implying by ‘cleaning up’. I guess you’re in what we call ‘a flood plain’, or similar, since it sounds like you’ve been thinking ahead with drainage. Hope it’s not too regular an occurrence.

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      • Thanks. It seems like it doesn’t happen often, at least by the look of the floors and carpets from the previous house owners. I wouldn’t say we’re on a flood plain, but we are near a river. Plus, the ground around our house actually slopes back TOWARDS the house, which makes draining even tougher. Ugh.
        I hope everything works out with Amazon!

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  2. You should find a review on Amazon UK. Turns out we can’t comment on US as well.

    Re-flooding: a backwards slope does sound like it might make things a little tricky. Still, if you can’t see much evidence of previous floods hopefully it really is an occasional occurrence. At least it’s not winter. That might take some bearing. Good luck with the drying 😉

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    • Thank you! Today was a beautiful DRY day. There are more storms next week, but not nearly as intense, so I’m feeling more confident in moving forward with the cleaning upping.

      Thanks for having a good at the reviews! Weird Amazon…

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