#Whole30 #Writing Log: Day 9

Free Fiction Has Come from the Wilds (3)

Well, it happened. Not this morning, when I guzzled four or five cups while catching up with school work. It happened with that last cup, that after-lunch cup I intended to drink as I struggled to make up all that lost novel-writing time this week. Bo was going to keep the kids upstairs so I could huddle with the computer in the basement. He was just coming up after hanging up his autographed picture of Cloris Leachman as I was coming down, coffee in one hand, notes in the other.

“What did you use in your coffee?”

“Oh, nuthin’.”

“Pretty light for nuthin’.”

“Dunno what you’re talking about.”

He halts. “Is that creamer?”

(insert noncommittal verbal utterances here)

He gasps. “You cheated?”

(more verbal utterances)


I flee into the basement with his laughter and cries of “You poop!” rockin’ and a’rollin’ behind me.

After an afternoon of writing and blues, I did apologize…sort of. Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t stick to the guidelines as hardcore as Bo, but I’m not sorry for using something up before it goes bad. He listened to me, and thankfully believed me when I explained I hadn’t had any other non-Whole30 thing this whole week (which IS true, painful as it’s been when the kids throw away crusts gobbed with peanut butter or crusts of gooey grilled cheese).

So to make it up to him, I took charge of cooking supper tonight: Whole30-compliant turkey meatballs with zucchini spirals for noodles and compliant marinara sauce. The meatballs fell apart without the normal bread crumbs for a binder, but the veg spirals and marinara were actually pretty good. Now if only it wasn’t so damn costly to eat healthy…

No, Jean, no more griping. This is important. Bo NEEDS to lose weight. Your workload keeps you sitting waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much in the day for you to dismissย yourย health. This is important for you both. Suck it up, buttercup, and make that almond milk-coconut milk-vanilla bean or something-cinnamon stick creamer-substitute.

Go shake a tail feather, girl, and fly!

And while I go shake a few jars of this not-creamer creamer, check out my totally free fiction here and here. If you dig that stuff, you can snatch my novel right now for just 99 cents. Whatcha got to lose?

Free Fiction Has Come from the Wilds (2)

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24 thoughts on “#Whole30 #Writing Log: Day 9

  1. Deny everything it works for Trump. Yes it does annoy me that you pay way more for the โ€˜heathyโ€™ option food and yet it tastes not as good and falls to bits. Still it gives us something else to moan about, one day we will become Squidward….Keep shaking that non dairy milk, eventually it does become vaguely adequate….

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  2. Urg… Getting caught out is SO annoying! Yes – and that’s the hell of it – having to pay SO MUCH more for bread WITHOUT extra sugar added! And for our almond and oat milk… and our egg-free mayonnaise… The only plus is that now we don’t eat meat, we don’t have that expense to contend with.

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    • Bo and I were talking about that yesterday! He’s motivated to stick with Whole30 for life–NOT hardcore, but cutting a lot of sugar stuff out. Having some creamer is one thing, but then just saying no to things like cocoa, donuts, and such. Having the occasional bread, and avoiding pasta whenever possible. I’m so proud of him for sticking with this, but yeah, it’s going to take some serious adjustment with the grocery bill when we need at least 20 bucks if not more for a week’s worth of meat. UGH.

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