A #summer of #writing and #parenthood: #Celebrate #nature and #imagination with a little #summertime #adventure in your own #backyard

Welcome to July, friends around the world, and Happy 4th to my fellow Americans!

Yowza, July already! June whipped by thanks to summer school for the kiddos. Biff and Bash have been doing a class to help them get ready for 1st grade, which means time with the three R’s and some extra socialization. It also means me going through all their kindergarten work to pack up the most memorable bits, including their writing. After going through their pieces, I couldn’t help but ask Biff and Bash about their favorite work.

For a girl reticent about meeting new people and trying new things, it was a bit of a challenge getting Blondie to participate in summer school. With the bribe of a computer gaming class, I was able to sign her up for photography and geocaching. Lo and behold, she’s found those courses way cooler than playing ol’ computer games!

(This isn’t the only chat I’ve had with Blondie lately! Moss Whelan interviewed us both for his Story in Mind podcast. Check out our awesomeness!)

For some, summertime means going on adventures in far off places. But my experience with Blondie in the Horicon Marsh was a beautiful reminder that one doesn’t have to travel far to escape to other worlds.

From accentnatural.com

So often we think we have to travel miles and miles to escape the humdrum.

from cityofwaupun.org

We presume the truly fantastic is beyond the horizon, just out of reach.

From horiconchamber.com

But if we take a moment to step outside, we might just discover adventure awaits us in the here and now, be it in the nearby marshlands…

From horiconmarshcalls.com

…or with the imaginations frolicking in our own backyard.

What are your imaginations up to this summer? Any recommendations of fun daytime-adventures with kids? Let’s chat!

Looking for some summer adventures? There’s free fiction to explore on my site as well as a fantasy novel on Amazon that’s free via Kindle Unlimited. Many thanks to Ronel Janse van Vuuren for her recent review!

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Stay tuned… I’ve got some terrific interviews lined up this summer, starting next week!

Read on, share on, and write on, my friends!

28 thoughts on “A #summer of #writing and #parenthood: #Celebrate #nature and #imagination with a little #summertime #adventure in your own #backyard

  1. They grow up so fast. Feels like they start to catch us up. Hope you are getting some quality time as well. Love the yellow family car, looks a great drive. You live in a wonderful area. So many stories can be born there. We are talking about creating a story over summer. Each day seeing where it takes us. xxx

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    • Oh, do make the story, do! That sounds like a perfect creativity break for you both.
      And thanks. We’re fortunate to be only a short drive away from so much beauty. It’s just a matter of pausing life to appreciate it xxxxxxxxx


  2. It sounds and looks like you’re having a fabulous summer. Love the interviews, and the pictures make me feel quite envious – I’m still working. Horicon Marsh looks amazing.

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  3. Happy July (and belated 4th), Jean et al ❀ Noticed your podcasts after clicking the "like" buttonβ€”oops… sorry, can I blame it on my poor vision? πŸ™ƒπŸ§ Listened now, though and must say you all are so sweet! πŸ€—πŸ’œ Jackie@KWH

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  4. Sweet kids are all grown up πŸ™‚ I am delighted Blondie has such interested in photography.
    Enjoy the rest of the summer – I hope it is not that terribly hot in where you live.

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