#Whole30 #Writing Log: Day 2

Free Fiction Has Come from the Wilds (3)


I already cheated.

Just a little! I used some creamer in my morning coffee. The bottle’s almost empty, and wasting is always so awful, and…oh shut up, I just wanted my creamer.

But you know, even one day of drinking black coffee made a difference. The creamer felt heavy-sweet in that first cup, so I didn’t add any more as I refilled the coffee, thinning out its effect in the other cups. Hmmm, maybe there is something to that serving of “one tablespoon,” or however it is, compared to the, um, quarter cup I usually use. ๐Ÿ™‚

Still…Don’t tell Bo. And hopefully he doesn’t read this while I sit right next to him in the car, suffering Rick Astley and preparing my inner-panic for a sledding trip with the kids.

Lesson learned: Rick Astley does NOT help settle Mom-panic.

“Don’t worry, Mommy,” Biff keeps telling me. “There’s no bleachers at the sledding hill by Grandma’s.”

Thank goodness for that–our sledding season of last winter ended when Biff crashed into bleachers at the base of our park’s sledding hill and lost two baby teeth.

So much blood from one child. Lost teeth from sledding. Stitches from a Ferris wheel. When he was a baby he tripped at the park and bit through his lower lip. Jeez, this kid’s only six, and he’s seen the ER more than I did in twenty years of life.

I have to admit there are moments when I grab Biff more, run faster to his screams. Of course I love all three of my children, but…well,ย I’ve seen more blood flow from Biff. He’s been hurt more than the others in ways I cannot heal, and there’s a guilt there I cannot ever really silence because of this.

So now here we go to sled on a giant hill, where a million terrible things can happen.

A million wonderful things, too.

Focus on the good, Jean. Focus on the good.

Sneak a little more creamer, and focus on the good.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget that my novel’s on sale, too. Spread the word among your fantasy-lovin’ friends!

Free Fiction Has Come from the Wilds (2)

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22 thoughts on “#Whole30 #Writing Log: Day 2

    • So long as Bo doesn’t know… ๐Ÿ™‚ But yes, I think you’re right that as a mother, we constantly want to do more, even though we know they need to do more, and then fear how they handle what they’re doing. xxxxxx

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  1. I would never make it even 24 hours on that diet, so you’re doing better than I am. No peanut butter? WHAT? That is just crazy talk.* I already drink my coffee black, but now that I’m on low-carb because of the diabetes I am practically living on cheese and nuts and beans. If I went on the whole30 plan… yeah, basically just piles of meat with some veg on top. Hmm.

    * By the way, if you decide to allow yourself peanuts but still want to cut out sugar, I am loving the Trader Joe’s crunchy PB that only has two ingredients: peanuts and salt. You do have to stir it up and then refrigerate it, so it’s a bit of a hassle, but mmmmm, so worth it!

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  2. Such creativity, Ms Lee. The metaphor that is ‘the creamer’ will open new doors within the realm of the characters you write about..not evil, but doing their level best to get it ‘right’. Well done. I love an innocent cheat…in a good way!

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  3. If that’s it, you’re off to a great start!
    And, oh, kids and accidents!. I once let Ian ride a homemade box car down our super steep hill with a 90 degree turn at the lower half and he crashed right into a tree. I had opposed it for so long, but allowed it once — with no injuries — so I didn’t think it through the second time. My daughter caught it on video with me saying “oh $%i!” at the point of impact. At least he had a helmet on. But it was not a good mommy moment. :0(

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  4. Yes… and I found it was even worse when I looked after the grandchildren when they were starting to get around. I still DREAD having to make THAT phone call from casualty! It’s bad enough when Oscar’s eczema flares while he’s staying with us – particularly in the summer months… Hope the sledding went well, Jean!

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