Many #thanks to @ReviewAlholic for this #BookReview of my #YAFantasy! Now may we all #weatherthestorm and be #grateful for what we have. #ReadIndie

Hello, everyone! June’s been quite the river rapids of change for me. From the cancellation of my elementary summer school gig to the delay of my return to graduate school, life’s been…unpredictable.

Yet there is always something to be thankful for. Quiet mornings with nature and that first cup of coffee, for one.

Blondie, Biff, Bash, and Bo are healthy. I still have my university teaching, and Bo still has his job. Parks in communities around us have opened, so the kids can experience playgrounds again. My mom is getting married to a kind, funny man later this year. Our house is still dry despite a tropical storm traveling across the country and flooding the Midwest. This drastic change-up of commitments also means I can now commit to my biggest writing goal: publishing at least one novel before 2020 ends.

And as always, I am thankful for you, each and every one of you. Our family trip into the North Woods kept me offline, but I’m still excited to spend what remains of June wandering through your corners of the writing-verse and catching up with you. I’ve got some swell interviews lined up, Blondie’s promised to share her doodles, Biff and Bash may allow me to record their storytelling, and lo and behold, there’s been a new review of my novel!

This review is what I thought I’d share today. Briar, you have my deepest gratitude for sharing your recommendation of my book. You’re a dear!

This summer may not be what many of us intended, but we still have a lot of creative fire burning in us. No storm will douse our flames, Friends, remember that.

Read on, share on, and write on!

33 thoughts on “Many #thanks to @ReviewAlholic for this #BookReview of my #YAFantasy! Now may we all #weatherthestorm and be #grateful for what we have. #ReadIndie

  1. ‘Unpredictable’ you say Ms Lee. Having ventured into the woods on a sunny afternoon I could never have predicted the end result. To walk at pace into a hanging branch and then enter the world of blood and darkness was a thing I could never have predicted. I believe I was dragged the full mile back to the car but have zero recollection. That said, a fine review. Well done, The Old Fool .

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      • Oh yes, accidents in style are mine all mine. Falling down a flight of stairs with nought on at 3am only to be covered up with a flannel by my dear wife pennding the, as it happened, non arrival of professional assitance, then the debacle in Southern France with a low blood pressure collapse into the blackness, then the matter of the eye two summers ago when south of Paris whereupon I was away from the blog for months thinking I was going blind having inadvertenly head butted a stone floor…and the rest! The list is far too long. Now this. I was looking at a remarkable crimson insect I’d spotted when β€˜bosh’ the knockout blow. G has the snaps but I think they’re inappropriate to post, Ms S.

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  2. Life is unpredictable. That money would have made such a difference but being selfish, I get to read a new great book(s) this year. Was the beautiful photo from the family cabin. So pleased to hear the family is healthy. How are you doing my friend? Look after yourself xxxxxx

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    • It was! I took that image on the last morning, because of course it was the last morning when the kids finally slept in and I had the quiet hours to myself. πŸ™‚ Yeah, we have to do some major re-budgeting, but we’ll make it work somehow because we must, right? You take care and give your son a big squeeze from us! xxxxxxx

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  3. A great review of a great book, Jean! And well-deserved. Another book would be splendid too. Belt-tightening seems to be the norm everywhere. Just taking one day and a time. Good to here you’re all healthy and able to commune with nature. That, at least, is free πŸ™‚

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  4. I am always in the “when God closes a door he opens a window” camp even though at the time of the tumult I can rarely see the good around me. Since you are already seeing the good I predict that things are going to go MUCH better than you thought they would.
    Your mom getting married?! Wow, you must have a million mixed feelings about that. I hope you all find happiness and peace from the union.
    Good luck with pushing that baby book out into the world. “The (current) kids are alright” so no worries. You got this. xo

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  5. Love the cover and banner. I little difficult to read the lettering on the left-hand side. Let me try again with my glasses…I can read it and it sounds great, but I really have to squint. Could be the lighting in my room, though. πŸ™‚

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